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AV: Summer schedule 2019

Anonymous for the voicelees, summer schedule

The summer schedule

A few times before the beginning of summer 2019, Annaelle Beaineh, one of the regular volunteers with [AV: Beirut, Lebanon], suggested holding a Cube of Truth on a weekly basis. Less than one week later, the summer schedule had begun: each Sunday, and for three consecutive months, the Beirut chapter has held a Cube of Truth demonstration. This schedule also includes one workshop, on the last Saturday of each month, on how to effectively outreach and speak up for the animals.

This experience was one of a kind in the history of the chapter. Holding this many Cubes within this short time interval really helped the volunteers gain experience and master the “art” of cubing. We were able to see a massive difference between the first and the last demonstration held during this period, both from an outreach and organizational perspective. In addition, the Cubes that took place were not always crowded, far from that, we’ve assisted to both effective and ineffective events, but the determination of the members assisted crucially in the preservation of this epic momentum.

The results

All the effort, energy, and motivation used by these volunteers wasn’t wasted vainly, it all payed off after analyzing the statistics: 12 Cube of Truth events (6 in Hamra, 5 in Kaslik, and 1 in Jbeil), 42 different volunteers joining 160 times in total, and an accumulated tally (successful conversations) of 272, meaning that at least 272 person have taken the vegan message seriously!
The three volunteers that joined the most during this time, Jad Salameh, Rachel Haddad, and Corine Khoueiry, saw themselves rewarded by three vouchers from their favorite vegan restaurants.

Ultimately, this frequency has proven to be more than effective, and we can expect an even crazier summer in 2020, full of animal rights activism, all thanks to these dedicated people!

I can’t remember when I wasn’t an animal rights activists

Ali MacGraw

Vegan activist; co-organizer of Anonymous for the Voiceless Beirut chapter