Why this blog?

This is a help center to help meat eaters and vegetarians to transition to veganism, why vegan?



The best way to help the animals is by aligning your ethics with your actions, having empathy for other creatures and start making some ethical choices; ethics over habits.



Animal Agriculture is responsible for deforestation, species extinction, ocean dead zones, water shortage, water pollution and air pollution.



Healthy starts on your plate. Animal products contain cholesterol, saturated fat, bacteria which they all lead to heart attacks, cancer, etc…

How this blog helps?

You will find delicious recipes , nutrition  facts, easy swaps , DIY protein plant based shakes, an introduction for Anonymous For the Voiceless ,  Environmental facts , ethical view , No plastic movements , Veganism from a religion perspective , featuring vegan restaurants , getting to know vegan celebrities and up to date to all vegan events that are happening  in Lebanon.

You will find three articles per week for all the subjects listed videos and lots of motivation.

Do you have any question or any problem? Our team is available around the clock.

Meet the Team

Georges G. Hayek

Georges G. Hayek

Animal Liberation Activist

Founder of the active and influencing online awareness platform “Lebanese Vegans” and volunteer with "Anonymous for the Voiceless"

Jad Salameh

Jad saleme

Vegan and student in the field of environmental sciences

I try to raise awareness concerning the incidence of our activities on the planet, especially the animal industry sector.

Alaa al halwani

Vegan Chef

Recipe developer, creating new flavours after experiencing veganism

Roland Azar

Animal Liberation Activist

Founder of the active and influencing online awareness platform “Choose Compassion“ and volunteer with "Anonymous for the Voiceless"

Rami Merza

Vegan activist

Co-organiser of Anonymous for the Voiceless Beirut chapter

Rachelle Kayrouz

Animal Rights Activist

Volunteer with the international organization Anonymous for the Voiceless

Farah Fakih

Farah Fakih

Religion Perspective

Medical Audiology student at American University of Beirut, animal rights activist and avid traveler.

Veganic Tareck

Health Advocate

Ayurvedic healer, into natural remedies and healing with nutrional backgroud

Marwa hammoud

Registered Dietitian

Vegan, motivator, Environmentalist & Recipe Developer utilizing a Holistic Approach that would motivate and inspire others to lead healthy and successful lifestyles.

Vanessa Fahed

Environmentalist and animal rights activist

Here to make a change and hopefully help others do too.

Raffi Nersessian

Vegan athlete/GymBar owner and food expert

Raffi is committed to assisiting people in achieving their goals in a healthy way through his business “GymBar”, raising awareness about veganism and its benefits for people interested in fitness, athletes and gym enthusiasts.

November 17, 2017