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All outbreaks diseases are all linked to animals. Avocado and hummus never caused any kind of form of diseases. Then again some people think we’re omnivores.
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11 hours ago
Meat Industry Is Europe's Biggest Contribution To Deforestation, Says Report

Growing appetite in the UK for chicken is fuelling Amazon deforestation, according to a report by Greenpeace.

'A straight swap from beef to chicken effectively amounts to outsourcing emissions of our meat consumption from the UK to South America'

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How many times have we came across people proud not to be vegan?

What are they really proud about?

Eating babies?
Forcibly impregnation?
Stealing babies?
Shooting babies in the ... See more

23 hours ago
This Oscars Party Just Went Vegan for Joaquin Phoenix

On the heels of his appearance at the Los Angeles Animal Save Pig Vigil just hours after winning the Screen Actors Guild Best Actor award for his role in “Joker,” another high-profile awards ... See more

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, the talent agency that represents actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix, will serve a vegan menu at its Oscars pre-party.

1 day ago
VICTORY: Wild Animals are Banned in Circuses in England!

As of today, (20th January 2020), circuses performing in England will no longer be allowed to use wild animals as part of their act. The Wild Animals in Circuses Act 2019 expressly forbids circus ... See more

The Wild Animals in Circuses Act has finally come into effect, after over 60 years of campaigning by Freedom for Animals.

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World Economic Forum

"People are dying from climate change. Every fraction of a degree matters." - Greta Thunberg

📕 Read more: https://wef.ch/30EFREw #howtosavetheplanet #wef20 TIME

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Meet The Veganz

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Joaquin Phoenix Followed SAG Awards With Vigil for Pigs: "I Have to Be Here"

Still wearing his tuxedo, Phoenix then skipped the night's other big party thrown by Netflix at Sunset Tower to head to Vernon, California, site of a local slaughterhouse, so he could join animal ... See more

"We have moral obligations to talk about it and expose it for what it really is," said the tuxedo-clad best actor winner for 'Joker' on Sunday during a vigil outside a meat processing plant just a ... See more

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Does it make you feel angry at China for using a pig at an attraction site? When eating animals is as unnecessary as using animals for entertainment, then they are both absolutely wrong. Can you make ... See more

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Saudi Arabian Vegan Prince Invests in New Startup Making Dairy-Identical Vegan Milk

The company is using its proprietary technology to create dairy-identical milk from cells without exploiting animals. In addition to creating cruelty-free bovine milk, Turtle Tree is making human ... See more

Singapore’s Turtle Tree Labs is creating bovine—and human—milk from cells without exploiting animals.

November 17, 2017