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2 hours ago
Lebanese Minister Marwan Kheireddine Hunts Animals For Fun

Since hunting humans is not currently accessible to local bankers and politicians (but stay tuned, it's probably underway!), Lebanese Minister of State and Al-Mawarid Bank Chairman Marwan Kheireddine ... See more

3 hours ago
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Are you hiding behind God to commit devilish acts? God is merciful. God is compassionate. God is benevolent. God is justice. God is loving. God is life. What will Jesus say about ... See more

15 hours ago
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A ten minute meal for a lifetime of abuse agony. Is your tastebuds more valuable than life itself?

You only eat “humane” meat? You cannot “humanely” kill someone who doesn’t want to die. ... See more

17 hours ago
Burger Fan Jack Black Says 'It's Time For Everyone To Consider Going Vegan'

Jack Black says everyone should consider going vegan - although he admitted he has not yet made the switch himself.

The comedian spoke about the benefits of veganism during a recent WIRED Autocomplete Interview

1 day ago
Mercedes to Ditch Leather for Vegan Interiors Thanks to Lewis Hamilton

The vegan Formula One driver has said that he will speak to his Mercedes team about making cars with animal-free interiors. He added that he wants to aim for more sustainability, in general, in ... See more

Lewis Hamilton is asking Mercedes to go vegan and ditch its animal-based leather. Several other major car manufacturers have already made the change.

1 day ago
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If it’s horrible to slit someone’s throat, it’s horrible to pay someone to slit someone’s throat.
#totalanimalliberation #govegan #vegan #humaneslaughter #veganfortheinnocent ... See more

2 days ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger Commends Joe Rogan for Changing His Mind About The Game Changers

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media this week to commend comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan for keeping an open mind about the benefits of following a plant-based diet.

The actor—who is featured in The Game Changers—is proud of Joe Rogan for having an open mind about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

November 17, 2017