‘War on Cancer’ Is Failing As Professionals Ignore Connection to Animal Protein

‘War on Cancer’ Is Failing As Professionals Ignore Connection to Animal Protein

Cambpell (1968), discussed the first publicly trusted study concerning the consumption of animal proteins and it’s risks of increasing cancer. This study emphasized the fact that, in a plan-based protein intake there‘s an absence in tumor growth rate, but in an animal-based protein diet the case is the opposite. The conclusion of this study, left us with the assumption that consuming a lot of animal proteins is similar to flipping the cancer switch on with a lack of healthy alternatives to flip it back off.

“The link between nutrition and cancer is not new, just ignored for a very long time. It is well past time that we go back to the basics in understanding this disease, both its causation and its treatment,” said Campbell.

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), confirmed that two glasses of milk a day increased your tenser risks by 80 percent, and 35 grams of diary proteins increases it by 32 percent. Likewise, meat consumption increases the risk by 28 percent, which is extremely present in the average Western diet (contains a high consumption in processed and junk food), and it increased your cancer risk by 200 percent.

By now, we know that diary and meat products are directly linked to the cancer risk expansion, thus one of the healthiest decisions ones can take to prevent cancer is to follow a plant-based diet, and give up animal based products.

Dr. Campbell and PCRM both highlight the idea that following a diet rich in legumes, greens, vegetables and grains (The basic plant-based vegan diet), will provide us with plenty of proteins and plant-based nutrients to fight cancer cells. Sports and a healthy diet are also a big, major factor in preventing obesity which can also cause cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.


Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Low Growth Hormones by the age of 10 and after trying many medicines and vaccines out there, I decided to give the Plant-Based Vegan Diet a try. I did this all without counting calories but became an avid label/ingredient reader. I also avoided microwave and strove to only buy GMO-free and Organic whole foods. I used to be on pharmaceuticals that were destroying my body. I have probably tried every doctor out there yet I did not trust any, at all. I always felt like another paycheck for them. I did tons of research on natural cures and SLOWLY went off every damn pill. I was in a very dark place in my life but I made it through and here I am today, almost 3 years later.