Why vegans are against animal testing

animal testing

The term Cruelty-free or vegan means against animal testing, but why is animal testing unethical?

Animal testing is not only unethical but also ineffective. This is because animals and humans don’t get the same diseases such as major heart attacks or many types of cancer.

90% of drugs fail in a human trial, one of 93 of side effects, only 19% could have been predicted by animal tests.


Millions of animals such as mice, rabbits, cats, dogs are locked in cages suffering from frustration and pain.

More than 100 million animals die every year in a cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic test. An example of animal testing includes forcing mice and rats to inhale toxic fumes and force-feeding dogs pesticides. Even if a product harms animals it can be still marketed to consumers.


How can we help stop animal testing?

1_ Always buy cruelty-free products.

2_ Educate others about animal testing.

3_ Always speak up about classroom dissection.

4_ Make a donation.

5_ Leave your body to science .

6 _ share this article!

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Animal liberation activist, public speaker for animal rights, a volunteer with the international organization "Anonymous for the Voiceless"